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DL1 special car group for heavy prefabricated bridge

Production description : DL1 special car group for heavy prefabricated bridge is applicable for standard track gauge railways. It's used for transporting prefabricated bridges whose span is less than 32 meters and weight less than 148 tons. The car group is composed of 3 wagons. The middle car of the group is type NX17K flat wagon and both ends of the car group are Type DL1 special car for heavy prefabricated bridge. One end of support set of the car group is removable and the other end is fixed.


flatbed wagon



Main technical parameters

Loading capacity(t)
Tare weight
Length of the car(mm)
Max. Width of the car(mm)
Height of loading surface from rail top(mm)
Height of coupler center line from rail top(mm)



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