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In recent years, with the Wuhan-Guangzhou, Wuhan-deep high-speed rail Hop Wu, Han-Yi moving vehicles have been opened railway car , Wuhan is becoming the center of the high-speed rail network, a dense network of high-speed rail laid the foundation for the realization of intermodal.

railway wagon equipment
Railway wagon manufacturing equipment

So far we have developed over 40,000 railway wagons of nearly 30 varieties of different models that fall into series as railway wagonThe airport official said, if the increase in demand for subway passengers, or consider the ticket windows open at the airport, airline tickets ticket window, into Wuchang and Hankou station, railway carWuhan, air and rail to achieve a comprehensive intermodal.

Railway wagon
Railway wagon for exporting

The opening of the high-speed rail airport bus created the conditions for air and railway transport, in August 2010, the Wuhan Airport opened airport to Wuhan stationtank railway wagon,, six classes a day. This reporter learned that airport passengers to purchase up to the Wuhan-Guangzhou, Wu depth and Han-Yi direction of the high-speed rail or motor car tickets,( railway car ) workshop for the railway wagon assembly. Local workers will also be trained during the railway wagon assembly.

railway wagon wheel pair
Railway wagon fittings - wheel pair

The reason is precisely because of the Tianhe Airport of Wuhan Railway Station interoperability bus passengers off the aircraft, railway car through the bus full speed, arrived at Wuhan station, to avoid the transit Lawton, very convenient.

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