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Successful Project

Our first-level R&D and manufacturing technology has engaged us to be an ideal choice for railway transportation. Serving for agricultural, industrial as well as energy transportation, our wagons have cover most of China's railway routes.

Train on Chinese Railroad

Train on Chinese Railroad


Apart from our domestic project, we've also provide some wagon moldels and fittings to our oversea client

Negotiation with customers from Sudan
Negotiation with customers from Sudan


railway wagon
With customers from Russia



Featuring Products

C80B stainless steel open-top wagon

C70 open-top wagon

C70A open-top wagon

C64K open-top wagon

G70K light oil tank wagon

G17BK railway internal heating heavy oil tank wagon

G17 viscous oil tank wagon

GH70K tank wagon

G11 acid and alkali tank wagon

GH65K phosphor tank wagon

KM70 hopper wagon

KZ70 ballast hopper wagon

K18BK ore hopper wagon

L18 grain hopper wagon

NX70 flat wagon

DL1 flat wagon


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