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for tranporting automobile

The is mainly used to transport series of small type and mini type automobiles. The automobile can be loaded on either deck in one row. The max. numbers of automobiles loaded according to their length. Neither interval of every 2 adjacent automobiles nor distance.

The car is composed of car body, bogie, air brake device, hand brake device, coupler and draft gears. Compaction equipment for fixing automobiles and ferry plate are supplied with cars.

The car body is of all welded steel structure, which is composed of under frame, side wall, top, upper-deck, underframe and ferry plate etc.

Brake device: Air brake mechanism with main pipe pressure of 500kpa and 600kpa is used. The assembly includes type 1201 control valve, urgency exhausting valve, 305*254mm brake cylinder with integrated flow spinning seal, type ST2-250 double-direction automatic slack adjuster, automatic brake device of digression, braided brake flexible hose assembly, austenitic-best cast iron liners, stainless steel embedded cylinder, stainless steel flange connector, high-fricion coefficient brake shoe, stainless steel brake parts and pipeline. Type NSW hand brake device is used.

SQ5 double-deck flat wagon

Coupler and draft gear: The coupler is made of Grade E steel and No. 13 working coupler. Type MT-3 buffer is used. The yoke is made of Grade E steel or forging iron. The yoke support friction plate is made of oiled nylon.

Boige: Type K2 bogie is used and its springs hanging system is optimized.


Main technical parameters

Loading capacity(t)
Tare weight(t)
Axle weight(t)
Length of conversion
Load per meter of track(t/m)
Height of barycenter(mm)
Commercial operating speed(km/h)
Brake distance(m)
Brake times of full car
Brake ratio of full car
24.1%/empty, 17.6%/full
Min. ratio of curvature negotiated
Environmental temperature
-40C - +50c



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